Guided retreats for work and life

Guided retreats for work and life


We design and direct guided retreats that help you navigate the adventures of work and life. Based on decades of experience helping people grow and move forward, we craft experiences designed to help you step out of your everyday circumstances, so you can see your situation more clearly, and spend focused time figuring out what comes next.

We recognize that the complications of juggling a busy life and stressful career can often lead us to wonder how we got to where we are. We realize that some people are already creating a radically different future for themselves, but just need a little help. We are here to support people as they create and move toward whatever that future holds for them.

Lastly, we understand the power that our environment has on how we perceive ourselves and our circumstances. By connecting our clients with remarkable people, tranquil places, and uncommon experiences, even for just a few days, we reveal the elements of environment which work against you and keep you from moving forward. We create the space to help you find your way.

  • eric-lejuene
  • ERIC LEJEUNE, Executive Director

    For the past 20 years, Eric has worked with hundreds of individuals and teams across the country as a teacher, trainer, mentor, consultant, and coach. As the Executive Director of Navigating Next, Eric works with individuals and small groups who are navigating change in work and life by addressing the practical, psychological, and human elements of performance, leadership, and strategy.

Eric holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Louisiana State University and taught public school before transitioning to the financial services sector, ultimately serving as an independent consultant and coach.

In addition to his work at Navigating Next, he also works with small business owners inside and outside of the financial services sector as a strategic thinker, management consultant, and performance and leadership coach.

In 2015, he earned his master’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago in spiritual direction which contributes to and shapes his unique style of work.

“After a fast-paced career in the corporate world, I decided I was ready for a change. I fell in love with the slow-paced feel and natural beauty of Michigan’s west coast and made the move from Chicago to Saugatuck, MI. The people and landscape here have given me first-hand experience of how slowing down has helped me to see more clearly and contribute more purposefully. For those of you who are looking toward the next big step, I hope to share my own experience with you to help you find what’s next.”

  • David Geen, Retreat Facilitator

    Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, David holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Maryville University in St. Louis.

    After working in different aspects of the hospitality and travel industries, David founded his own travel company, Villas and Vines in 1996.

For over 20 years, Villas and Vines has continued to operate small group culinary, culture and art adventures throughout Europe and South America.

Most recently, David has teamed with a selection of artistic and spiritual leaders, creating “Lives of Faith and Art” experiences in Italy, France, Spain, Ireland and New Mexico.

“Residing for over 10 years in the naturally beautiful community of Saugatuck-Douglas, nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan in West Michigan, I am thrilled to partner with Navigating Next, creating personal and moving experiences here in our artistic, spiritual and natural wonderland! I look forward to welcoming you, sharing the beauty, and exploring the possibilities of Navigating Next!”